Why Do Asians Love Social Media So Much? An Asian Wonders

By Ava Villareal | In Social Media Management, Social Media News, Social Media Strategy | on December 6, 2015

There is no denying just how popular social media websites has become with countless number of users that make use of the service on a regular day to day basis. I myself am an active social media user that has a number of social media profiles which I use quite regularly as well. Social media in Asia is indeed thriving with a growing interest and popularity. Why do Asians love social media so much?

Social media in its simplest form allows relatives, loved ones and friends to communicate with each other keeping them even though some of them are far away. Asians are known to have close family ties making social media a good way to keep in touch with your loved ones wherever they may go. As such, a lot of online users use social media websites as their means of getting the latest news and updates about their loved ones.

Social media however, is far more than just a means to communicate with loved ones and friends especially today where popular celebrities and personalities are using social media to help boost their online presence and overall popularity. Fan pages and of course, official pages of celebrities are being made on a regular basis in hopes to get the attention of their fans and almost any subject can be created with their respective social media pages.

Television shows and dramas are very popular in Asia and they have a considerable amount of following. As such, having social media pages dedicated to such shows is quite a regular phenomenon in this continent.  With that being said, these shows often come and go as well as its attention. However, for those who want to find huge success with regards to their social media pages, they will need the help of Asian cultural management group to be able to get in touch with your audience personally.

Amongst the top social media personalities in Asian include the Prime Minister of India himself, Narendra Modi. Mr Modi has amassed quite a huge fans and followers over the internet.  His official Facebook page is quite popular with over 31 million followers. The same can also be said with regards to his Twitter with 16.4 million followers and counting. Mr. Modi uses Twitter and other social-media services to engage in diplomacy and build his image in a way few other global leaders have. Online users today are also drawn to personalities who are keeping up with the latest trend and innovation and this is why Mr. Narendra Modi was able to acquire such a huge following.

There are also social media operators who have mastered the social media management trade such as Aaron Lee who is also known as @AskAaronLee. He is a social media manager and entrepreneur hailing from Malaysia. Such media personnel is able to help individuals leverage social media in an effort to grow their clients business getting the much needed traffic and results.

Social media has indeed reached a global scale and is a very much sought after website service in Asia. With that being said, this is simply just the beginning and we can expect more from online users coming from different parts of the world that will make use of social media.