Social Media for Escorts: Twitter is Queen

By smaadmin | In Social Media News | on September 4, 2015

Twitter is about immediacy, a laconic form of communication, which is straight to the point and so, may serve the sexual urge as it mirrors it. Twitter is highly mobile as well, as its messages fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, and therefore, can patronise your inclinations at a moment’s notice. The sex industry has in most instances been the first to utilise digital technology to service both its suppliers and market. The desensitised and virtual world of the Internet allows for the almost anonymous exchange of information; it is narrow casting at its most effective.

That Twitter is fast becoming the home of social media for escorts is no real surprise really, it affords them all the advantages mentioned above. An alluring image and a few double entendres can definitely hook the punters in. The ongoing challenge may be for escorts, individually and/or agencies, to maintain their visibility within social media platforms as competition in the digital sphere hots up. Will we see, or are we already seeing, escorts engaging the services of social media managers to enhance and maintain their digital visibility?

Social media for escorts can provide programs ensuring strong followings on Twitter, which can deliver sustained increases in the ROI’s for these clients. Creating an interlinked network of social media platforms: Twitter to Facebook; Instagram to Facebook; Pinterest to Tumblr; and all linking to client websites will exponentially increase the client’s digital profile. Maximising ROI’s for the client, in the case of individual escorts working free lance, makes sense because in reality they have a finite working life, especially at their peak.

Escort media is ablaze on Twitter and this channel will continue to grow in the foreseeable future, but in the digital age that future view is measured in months rather than years. Things change very quickly in the world of social media and technology, and larger escort agencies may want social media consultancy to ensure that they are prepared and on the right track. Maintaining that visibility is vital to these businesses, it is a digital shop window with fine wares on display, and if that window cannot be found, for whatever reason ROI’s will dramatically decline.

Twitter is queen for escorts on social media right now but for how long? What will be next and what expertise will be required? What is in the pipeline? Staying abreast of social media trends is now more vital than ever.