Social Media, Defamation & Compensation Lawyers – How Much Can You Be Sued For, For A Tweet?

By Ava Villareal | In Social Media Management, Social Media Strategy | on March 27, 2015

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” You might already be very familiar with this particular phrase as it is used in several officers when they arrest someone. Your words indeed can be used against you and it is important to use your words correctly. This principle can also be applied over the internet where a lot of online users got into problems with the authorities because of an unwarranted tweet that they’ve posted in the social media.

Indeed, the social media has become a huge thriving ground for several individuals to express their joy, dismay, frustrations and other associated feelings posting them whenever the need calls for them to do so. This is quite a common trend that is done on a regular basis by a considerable number of online users. Some consider this to be a form of freedom of expression as they go around and rant about something to their friends, followers as well as fans. With that being said, there are just some unnecessary stories and message that don’t need to be posted as this can get you in trouble. Social defamation is a very serious matter and there are already cases where an individual paid the huge price for one particular tweet.

For instance, a certain employee who complained about his workplace over the internet lost her job after her boss heard about the tweet. Tweets and other related posts do indeed spread fast like wildfire which is very dangerous if left uncontrolled. Another example of social defamation happened when an online user voiced out her frustration over twitter. What’s worse is that she mentioned the specific company in her tweet. The situation turned into a huge mess especially when the company brought out the lawyers, and sued for over $50,000. Yes, such is a price one will be paying with acts of online defamation.

If you tweeted something inappropriate, you may want to remove that tweet as soon as possible and ask for the much needed apology and consideration to the one that was greatly affected to your tweet. On the other hand, if you are one’s target by a tweet, you may want to seek legal assistance and action right away especially if the person does not wish to cooperate with your requests. Either way, both parties can make good use of the professional services provided by a compensation lawyer as they can greatly contribute in creating settlements and agreements without the need to get into disputes and further conflicts.

Always practice caution and be careful about what you post. Words can be as deadly as a real life weapon especially since as they can hurt someone in an emotional degree and level. If you want to avoid legal problems over the internet, you may want to think twice before you post or tweet something online.