Furniture Brands & Retailers Profiting from Social Media Management

By Christine Buhay | In Client Profiles, Social Media Management | on August 20, 2014

Funiture Shop Sydney

Furniture stores today can’t deny the ever-growing importance of social media. We are in the age of cutting edge technology therefore using social media for brand awareness and consumer relations is not just necessary but is critical in having a good online presence.

Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are vital venues in the success of local and many national brands today. They have proven to drive sales for businesses such as the furniture industry. These sites let businesses communicate directly with customers and develop a relationship quicker and much easier than using other advertising methods such as billboards, TV ads and print ads which are definitely far more expensive.

If you’re a furniture store wanting to grow your customer base, positioning it in the digital map is the way to go. Social media management is an inexpensive way to handle all social experiences. When properly managed, it can help generate revenue and brand awareness.

Social media platforms have provided the perfect venue for furniture retailers to interact with their customers. Reaching out and engaging with consumers results in increased traffic to their site as well as increased exposure to their brand and products. Using multiple social media channels to market brands has proven extremely effective for ecommerce websites in showcasing their products and increasing their revenue.

Take for example the success of giant furniture store IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retail chain with more than 300 stores globally. Its success is due to its low prices and innovatively designed furniture but apart from that, IKEA has been getting its groove on social media. It is one of the early adopters of the digital marketing and has made use of social media with great emphasis on its digital catalogue.

There are quite a few furniture stores in Sydney but another great example of good social media management would be Habitat Furniture Warehouse. This furniture store uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for their social media marketing.

Habitat supports the local Sydney furniture makers. They provide their customers with high quality Australian-made timber furniture at affordable prices and they sure tweet about it. They use different hashtags related to what they represent and share photos and handy tips which would be useful to their followers. To grow and appeal to their audience, they cross-promote between networks by linking their blogs to their social media accounts so that content spreads regardless of platform. They also tweet and share their followers’ content.

There are some great ideas from Habitat Furniture Warehouse which you can incorporate in your own social media management programs. Remember that the best way to handle social media is not only to focus on products. Your company should provide interesting content other than information regarding your products. For furniture brands, the key is to focus on the lifestyle around it, by tweeting and posting design-related articles, inspirations and useful tips. This way, you’ll be expanding your local customer base and you will be well on your way to increased sales.

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