Fashion Social Media How Effective Is Social Media for Fashion Brands?

By Adam | In Lead Generation, Social Media Management, Social Media News, Social Media Strategy | on May 22, 2015

Social media has taken the world by storm. Its number of users is steadily increasing even as we speak. There seems to be no shortage of social media accounts and they are being created on a regular day to day basis. Not only are the online users benefitting greatly from the huge popularity of the social media but also companies and business owners as well. They are able to effectively advertise their products or services with ease over the internet with a much larger target audience to attract. The same can also be said with regards the latest fashion trends and innovations as they are often heard first over the social media. However effective is social media for fashion brands today?

Several fashion brands has indeed benefited greatly from the power and reach of the social media. With their help, it is far easier to update your fans and followers about your latest fashion lineup. Spreading the news out over the internet is also considered to be quite cost efficient especially with the help of social media reducing the overall costs one may spent with regards to advertising. The online community are also able to do their fair share of advertising as they can easily promote and share the products that they and in return increasing its overall online presence.

Take for example Antoinette Marie and her famous social media account found at https://instagram.com/sydneyfashionblogger/. She is able to effective use Instagram to update her followers and fans about the latest fashion trends in Sydney with ease especially since this site mainly focuses upon photo uploads. Her popularity can be gauged with the number followers that she has which is already nearing the 1 million mark. Others are also following suit capitalizing on the huge success of social media.

For instance, Caroline is French girl that is growing in popularity over the social media. She has an Instagram at https://instagram.com/beauteactive as well as an active YouTube account which allows for an even wider reach with regards to her audience.

Back to fashion brands over the social media, http://celebrityfashionlookbook.com/ is able to stay connected with their customers and fans at all times with the help of their respective social media accounts. This can be found through their Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. The more social media websites you have the better, especially if you are working in the fashion industry. You can see below some of their fashion line up that is available for purchase and you can click on each image and it will direct you to their respective pages.

You can purchase these items over directly at their website which adds to that extra layer of convenience as you can order items and have them delivered straight through your doorstep.

Fashion in the social media space is indeed a viable option to pursue. Setup and start creating your very own social media website and start promoting your business today.