Businesses Benefitting from Social Media Development in 2017

By smaadmin | In Social Media Management, Social Media News, Social Media Strategy | on February 2, 2017

2016 was a good year for businesses and the social media. This 2017, there are new social media developments and trends that businesses should know and take advantage of. For instance, video content shared on Facebook will be at its peak this year. In fact, marketers are already looking for ways on how they can create creative and original video content and share them seamlessly across all social media channels. Instagram is also set to launch new business tools that will help businesses stand out and reach new customers. The year had barely started, but businesses benefitting from social media development in 2017 are already making the rounds online. Some part can be attributed to the significant launches made by social networking sites during the last quarter of 2016.

Nevertheless, a brighter business outlook is expected to companies that will use social media as a part of their digital strategy this 2017.  Online marketing campaigns may include maintaining a current roster of potential demographic market.


Businesses Benefitting from Social Media Development in 2017


  • Thankyou

No, Thankyou is not what you say when expressing gratitude. But once you get to know their mission, you will be thankful that such company exists in the world. The company’s products range from body care to baby products to basic necessities, like water and food. What’s amazing about Thankyou is that 100 percent of their profits are allocated in helping those in need. Since stories are shared faster than ever online, good feel narratives about the company’s advocacies helped in securing more than 300,000 followers on social media. In turn, Thankyou is using their online platforms in encouraging people to join the Thankyou movement and become an ambassador of their advocacies.


  • Samsung Australia

Just like their technology and products, Samsung Australia uses cutting edge social media marketing strategies. They are active on Facebook and Youtube, where they regularly post video content, which promotes their brand. As of this writing, the videos on their Youtube page are viewed more than 20 million times. This is relatively bigger compared with their competition. What sets them apart is that their videos are more than marketing and promotions; there are actual stories embedded in every video they post.

Samsung Australia has a very dynamic social media engagement. In fact, their #LifeLIVE video campaign has more than 13 million likes.


  • Bonds

According to Marketing Eye, Bonds, an underwear and clothing brand, is now the fifth best online retailer in the country. The company engages their customers through unique, and sometimes funny, social campaigns that are shared across all their online platforms.


  • Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane is a fashionable activewear retail chain whose sole market is women who want to look good while enjoying their active lifestyle. Their digital marketing strategy is pretty straightforward. They treat social media as a way to engage with people and not purely as an advertising channel. This way, Lorna Jane’s posts on all their social media accounts have thousands of customer engagement.


  • Subway Australia

Subway Australia is the perfect epitome of how businesses should handle customer complaints online. Instead of responding with scripted messages, the company adds a human touch to their replies. A lot of retail businesses in Australia are using social media in customer service, but only a few them use these channels right. Subway Australia’s approach allows them to address the issue without losing loyal and paying customers.


  • Telstra

Telstra is one of the best companies in Australia that utilise social media well. In fact, they have over one million followers on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. In addition, their corporate blog features articles that tackle technology, community issues and corporate news. All these are written by industry experts. They also have free magazine tailored for small businesses. By incorporating all these in their online campaigns, Telstra managed to be among the world’s top companies.