Belmondo Boxers and Social Media

By Lou Lapso | In Client Profiles, Social Media Management, Social Media Strategy | on September 6, 2014


Belmondo was established in 2000 launching its first collection of silk neck ties in Australia. In 2006 Belmondo dips its creative brush over boxer shorts to produce a range for every man and every occasion. They offer an extensive array of bright, fun patterns and colours that is so expressive; a surprise element when undressing in company. All boxer shorts come carefully packaged in a box with a fabric lid which showcases the design of the boxers within. The fun concept of the lids covered in the same fabric as the boxer inside was especially popular for gift giving. It makes fabulous gift ideas for men, or for men purchasing for themselves.

Now the boxers have been on the market for eight years, Belmondo find they have a real following of women buying for the men in their lives. And also men who have bought them each year, and come back looking for new patterns and colours. They love the comfort fit – the elastic waistband of the boxer shorts does not grab. Men feel the bright colours and patterns make a statement about them even if they are wearing conservative suit that day.

Belmondo created a website where people across the globe could order online. The range of 100% cotton boxer shorts are now easy to purchase on the website for posting not just in Australia but anywhere in the world, with an international flat rate of $20.00. Today men are into technology and Belmondo need to find innovative ways to engage their male audience. Their website links to their social media platforms like:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BelmondoBoxers


Belmondo uses social media to build brand image. They maintain their Facebook page to develop brand personality. Facebook also allows them to connect to customers and listen to their ideas, this increase exposure and cultivate brand image.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BelmondoBoxers


Social media truly has a value for human connection. Belmondo is also active on Twitter where most men are. They post things that interest them as well as product information. They also use Twitter to get opinions and ideas.

Instagram: http://instagram.com/BelmondoBoxers


Belmondo is also active on Instagram sharing photos of men’s boxers and interesting things to engage the male audience.

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/belmondoboxers/


Belmondo also has a Pinterest page for sharing places of interest in Australia and men’s gift ideas. Pinterest is also a great way to engage women and help them find gift ideas for the men in their lives.

Belmondo uses social media to reach and engage prospects and customer. It’s a great way of building brand awareness. By cross promoting product launch and promotion between social media platforms and linking their website, contents spread regardless of platform. Social media is also a great way to listen and respond to what customers are saying. This feedback loop gives Belmondo a good way to provide great customer service.