8 Debt Consolidation Companies Using Social Media Well

By Ava Villareal | In Social Media Management, Social Media Strategy | on April 1, 2015

Almost everyone has encountered problems with their debts. However, it reassuring to here that help is readily available which can be found over the internet. Debt consolidation is popular option to consider when dealing with your debt and it is great see companies who offer such assistance over the internet. Listed below are 8 debt consolidation companies using social media well.

  1. National Debt Relief


National Debt Relief has made it easy for their fans and clients to follow their updates and posts by setting up several social media profiles. You can even listen to their podcast over the internet at your own accord and is free of charge when you visit their iTunes section which is a really good addition.

  1. Debt Wave


Debt Wave is a nationwide, nonprofit credit counseling agency. They are using the power of social media in its full potential as they have setup several social media profiles over the internet. These profiles are also quite active which allows for a more direct and personal approach to clients as well as to followers and fans.

  1. Premier Debt Help


Another good example of a debt consolidation company that uses social medial well is Premier Debt Help. Aside from their social media profiles, this company also has their own dedicated blog site which adds that extra ounce of information which their customers and fans can use on a whim.

  1. InCharge


InCharge has a fair amount of followers and fans over the social media. Their twitter profile is quite active and it is effortless and easy for their fans to stay up to date with the latest news and others related posts. This adds to that extra incentive of subscribing or following them over their social medial profiles.

  1. CuraDebt


A financial solutions company since 2000, CuraDebt embraces the changes which can be seen in our modern technology by applying the latest trends and innovation found today. This includes the integration of several social media profiles which they have setup and created for their clients and fans to follow.

  1. Debt Reduction Services


Debt Reduction Services uses social media in a timely and effective manner as they have setup more than one social media profile. This makes it easy for their clients and fans to choose which platform they prefer on following. This gives them a huge amount of convenience as they are not bound restrictively to only one option.

  1. Delray Credit Counseling


Aside from their Facebook and Twitter profiles, Delray Credit Counseling also provides their clients YouTube videos to watch at their own accord. If you prefer watching a video instead of reading an article then this company has got you covered.

  1. Take Charge America


Last but definitely not the least is Take Charge America which is a nonprofit financial education organization who has setup and created several social media profiles over the internet. All the elements of social media are there with their tweets, posts, and videos as well.