20 Excellent Health Tweeters

By Adam | In Lead Generation, Social Media Management, Social Media Strategy | on January 8, 2015

For health and fitness enthusiasts, words of inspiration contribute a great deal in giving them the motivation to continue their pursuit. Others get a good amount of information and insights about health through several online postings. A good amount of this can be found in the social media space where these are posted and put up on a regular basis. Social media has indeed taken the world by storm with millions of active and daily users logging in and checking their account. This has paved the way for others to openly share their knowledge in particular fields to their friends as well as followers.

Health tweeters are quite popular particularly those who are quite active with the content that they share. You might be surprised on how often online users check random and insightful tweets from the pages that they are following. Listed below are 20 excellent health tweeters to brighten your day.

1. @BornFitness – Former Ed. Director LIVESTRONG, Adam Bornstein’s center towards health, fitness and diet plans while answering his follower questions and inquiries every once in a while.

2. @joedowdellnyc – Joe Dowell has made quite a name for himself with popular stars that has trained under his guidance. Visit his gym and follow the tips, recommendations and advices found through his daily tweets.

3. @wellbeingparty –Wellbeingparty provides a healthy dose of tweets making it a great page to follow. Find healthy diet regimens and recommendations on how to eat healthy and stay healthy.

4. @NutritiousFeast – another popular health tweeter pages which provides additional insight and information about general nutrition. If you love to indulge in a nutritious feast, this page is for you.

5. @Fit_Motivator – find simple, brief and straight to the point inspirational tweets to help keep your fitness endeavors going.

6. @cancernewsau – gain general information about r breakthroughs, research developments and healing mostly centered on cancer. Prevention is indeed better than cure and you can find additional knowledge on this page.

7. @realbuzz – reach your fitness goals and achieve milestones easier with tips shared at realbuzz. They have an active website about fitness also to those who want to delve deeper.

8. @DrWeil – get health tips and advice directly from the professionals with Dr. Andrew Weil’s tweeter page. Andrew Thomas Weil is an American medical doctor, teacher, and best-selling author on holistic health.

9. @kevinmd – heath topics discussed and tweeted on a daily basis by Kevin Pho, a well known physician, author, and keynote speaker. Find though provoking questions and tweets that inspire action and thought with his tweets.

10. @nutrition_facts – a good deal of health and fitness comes from the food that we are eating. Get daily advice and facts about nutrition share by Dr. Michael Greger’s of nutritionfacts.org

11. @mayoclinic – Mayo clinic is a nonprofit medical practice and medical research group that centers on patient care and health information. It is good to hear that they have setup their tweeter page as will with millions of followers and growing even as we speak.

12. @DailyHealthTips – their “ask a doctor feature” makes them a noteworthy page to follow as healthy discussions are done with on a regular basis.

13. @EverydayHealth – just as their name implies, everyday health provides daily answers to common and obscure questions about health in general.

14. @healthfinder – government sites are usually a reliable source of prevention and wellness information. Get health tweets from trusted sources at healthfinder.

15. @HHSGov – another notable government health tweeter page is HHS.gov which is quite active in the online media space. Find motivational pictures, posts and infographics all available at their page.

16. @NTPhealth – if you care about health and beauty that focuses their attention on organic products NTP health is able to provide a lot of options and alternatives with their tweets.

17. @uhealthnw – gluten free recipes and other healthy options are available at this page provided to you by Cindy Haas a RDH, Holistic Health Coach.

18. @drsandjaygupta – science reveals laughter can actually slow down the aging process. Find related tweets about general health and more from Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Staff Neurosurgeon at Emory Clinic.

19. @marionnestle – find dietary guidelines and tips promoting good health from Marion Nestle of foodpolitics.com.

20. @mercola – last but definitely not the least is Dr. Mercola who is an osteopathic physician, and a health activist. His tweets share a lot of information which deals with osteopathy which is great to those who are pursuing such method of treatment.

Health tweets can make a huge difference particularly if one is pursuing treatment or medication. Osteopathy is an alternative medical approach which emphasizes on the physical manipulation of the muscle tissue and bones that works quite well with muscle strains, back and neck pain, sports injuries, sprains and the likes. Children and even pregnant women are able to benefit greatly from osteopathy and it is good to hear that osteopaths are quite easy to find with their respective online websites available for viewing. The likes of balmainosteopaths.com.au is one of the many osteopath clinics that can be found today.